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Comparison Between Architects And Interior Decorators

There is no argument about the fact that construction is a complicated process which requires lot of time, effort and money be it the construction of a house or a building. The process is same even though the struggle is increased. It all begins with sketching the structure which the person (Architect, engineer or interior decorator) has in mind. After the sketch is made, different groups of people come together to convert this sketch into its real form. On a general basis we can say that designing can be divided into types which are interior designing and exterior designing. Exterior designing is the kind of designing which is carried out in the external structure of the house or building. On the other hand, interior designing is connected with the interior decorations of the house or building. There are interior and exterior designers (architects) who designs or decorates the interior and exterior of residential as well as commercial building. We will be discussing about the comparison between architects and interior decorators in Melbourne in this article.   

Interior decorators: 

As the name suggests that interior decorators are the people whose job is to design and decorate the interior of the house or building. Obviously, an interior decorator is not related with any kind of construction process as he is more involved with shaping the interior. The client tells about his preferences to the interior decorator and then the interior decorator designs the whole interior of the house with his creativeness while keeping in mind the client’s points. Interior decorators are more related with the paintings, furniture, show pieces and other such stuff which is used to enhance the beauty of the interior of the house. We can sum up the responsibility of an interior decorator by a single statement which is that it is the job of an interior decorator to enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of the interior of the house or any kind of building. 


The jobs of both interior decorator and architect are somewhat interrelated but there lie some differences as well. An architect is a person whose job is to design or sketch the idea of making the residential or commercial buildings or places. The work of an architect is more related with designing the exterior portion of the building. He deals with constructional materials more than the decoration equipments.  


Architect and interior designers in Hawthorn both belong to the same field where they both have to use their imagination and creativeness to design and decorate different structures but there lies some differences between the two as well. The main distinguishing factor between the two is that an architect job is mostly limited to the exterior of the house while the job of an interior decorator is to decorate the interior of a house or building. However, both; architect and an interior decorator aim are to add the aesthetic sense in the construction of residential or commercial building. “Lewisham interiors” offers the services of best interior decorators.