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Factors Effecting Price Of Timber Flooring

The timber flooring is one of the most popular trends for interior decoration. It is not new; it has been in our use from centuries. Yes, with the help of technology, now there are different varieties of the timber flooring is available and also the installation cost has been reduced. But before selecting the timber flooring, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind because they will be directly affecting the life and cost of the flooring. These factors are

The timber flooring will be primarily made from two types of woods

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood

Both these categories of woods have their pros and cons. Also, the major factor which will influence the decision is the price of timber flooring. Lest look into details, what are the pros and cons of both types of wood


Hardwood is the solid wood that will be used for flooring. IN case of hardwood, each floorboard is made of a piece of woods, so it will be giving a true depiction of natural wood texture and color. These distinctive characteristics make it one of the most expensive materials for wooden but if you have money in your pocket and eye for elegance, then nothing like hardwood flooring. 


  • The best available option for timber flooring
  • Can easily be sand down to restore the original finish
  • High durability, can last for years


  • Requires expert workmanship for installation, that increase the cost of installation
  • Needs to be protected from damp conditions or moisture
  • High price tag and this is the main reason that people will converge toward laminated flooring instead of hardwood flooring


Softwood, as its names implied is softer than hardwood. But it also gives the same natural and texture of wood. Nearly 80% of all Backbutt timber flooring Perth is made of softwood and its making is the same as hardwood, that each piece will be cut from wood but they easier to molded and work.


  • You will get the hardwood finish and look, with less price
  • Same as hardwood can be sand down to its original finish
  • As it’s soft, provides more flexibility and bendability


  • Easily absorb moisture, even more than hardwood
  • Can shrink and expand in dry or damp conditions
  • Due to its softness, it is susceptible to marks 

But if you are tight on your budget and cost is your priority, then you can go engineered wood products. They are also the good alternate of the perfect wooden floor. Comes in different styles and colors. But if you want to make your flooring stand-out and can afford to spend on it, then nothing is better than timber floor. It is a one-time cost to pay but it can last for years, will be aesthetically pleasing for you and anyone who will see it.