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Glass Pool Fencing Is To Make Your Poolside Even More Beautiful

Glass fencing is done to make the overall look of the area beautiful and accomplished. It is being done on a larger scale and these days all the companies and people opt for this fencing for their house pool sides. Pool sides are always thought to look refreshing and aesthetically perfect to make the flow of positive energy possible. Pool sides are made even more beautiful and intact by the incarnation of glass pool fences. Glass pool fencing is actually the same glass fence with a slightly different pressure and temperature tolerance ratio and also it is paved alongside the pool area. Go here for more information about fencing installations South Adelaide. 


Glass pool fencing is thought to be an improvised version of the commonly made glass fence for the backyard. It is more tightly bound and is more protected as it’s alongside the water boundary and it someway thought to be more inside a scratch or breach prone area. So, we at Lee Benson make glass pool fencing quite thick and tough along the edges.  We take in account for the following attributes:

Toughness:  We make the glass pool fences quite tough and they are kilned for a longer time to attain the tolerance of more pressure and scratches.

Sharp edges:  We make sure that the Adelaide glass pool fencing is made safer for the people. We make proper refining of the edges and we also seat the edges so that they never cause any uncertain injury. We ensure our customers about the quality of our product by all means.

Thickness: The thickness of the glass pool fencing is kept to the mark where it is ensured about the safety and durability. We make our glass fence in a way so that it lasts longer and can be cleaned easily when it’s dirty.

Strength: The thickness of the glass as mentioned above has a great impact on the strength of the glass. That makes the glass more durable and can with stand a lot of pressure. As there is a lot of pressure caused by the water with in the pool. Strength of the glass is a really important parameter of the whole formation of glass fencing.


There are so many types of glass pool fencing which we make under the supervision of our expert developers. We deal in following major types of glass pool fencing.

Semi-Frameless glass pool fences:  As the definition is in the name, a semi frameless glass pool fence has frames only at the edges and the durability of a glass is not that high but still controls complete protection

Frameless glass fences:  Frameless glass fences have no frames at the edges but the plus point is that the glass protection is all the way around and the durability or so called thickness of the glass used is much higher than the semi frameless glass fence hence providing more protection and safety than the other.