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Masonry is an extremely important material that is used widely in the modern time partly because of the unique aesthetic appeal that it provides to buildings and facades that it is put on. It is not only unique and extremely static, but it also provides a more functional aspect to the building as the building does not need to be painted and can comfortably be left in the natural state that it is in. This can reduce the amount of maintenance cost that is associated with a building, mainly because it is not necessary to maintain the facade of the building as it is already going to be maintained by the natural colour and feel of the masonry that is put on it.

Although masonry can be extremely present to look upon on the façade of a building, it also has its limitations which need to be addressed to ensure that it performs to its most optimal level and that there is not a possibility of a catastrophic failure. this is due to the material properties of the bricks that are used in the creation of a masonry walls that are predominantly used as facing walls and, in some cases, as structural, load bearing walls.

The Need for Proper Workmanship

Due to the material properties of the bricks that are involved in the creation of the masonry walls, it is extremely essential to make sure that the bricks are aligned in a certain pattern so that the load is properly transferred from the bricks on the top to the ones below. Essentially, each brick on top transfers the load to two bricks below it; this allows for the load to be distributed amongst the bricks and makes sure that there aren’t any local stress concentrations which can damage the bricks and lead to structural failures. Another important aspect of bricklaying is the use of appropriate amount of mortar to bind the bricks together. The layer of mortar that needs to be put between the brakes needs to be sufficiently thin to ensure that optimal performance is generated from the structural solution, that is, the masonry. Large amounts of mortar can reduce the performance of the masonry and can, in worst cases, lead to collapse.

Landmark Masonry is a civil contractor in Sydney specialising in bricks and masonry work which means that they have the necessary skills and experience to make sure that any masonry work that is carried out on a structure can with stand the loads that are put on it and, is also sufficiently pleasing aesthetically.

All in all, if you need professional bricklayers who have a large amount of experience in the industry then, Landmark Masonry should be your first and final choice. With a large amount of experience in the industry and the proper tools and experienced team members, we make sure that your masonry needs are carried out extremely professionally and to the highest of standards.